We provide comprehensive legal service to insurance sector and issues relating to insurance law. Our lawyers hold a long-term cooperation regarding continual and ongoing service of our key Clients from finance and insurance sectors, including one of the most significant insurers in the Polish market.

The above mentioned practice enabled comprehensive recognition of specification of insurance companies’ activity, insurance law, with particular emphasis on dispute proceedings with insurers’ participation  and the service of procedures regarding insurance law in relation to construction investments. Due to the knowledge of the insurance companies’ functioning mechanisms and the practice in conducting proceedings against insurers, we are able to fully understand our Clients’ needs and by facing them, guarantee the highest quality services. Thorough knowledge and considerable experience allow us to act immediately, ensuring maximum protection and limitation of risks.

We are aware that today every entrepreneur benefits from insurance product and concludes numerous agreements in this respect. In the investment process cooperation with the insurer is required even to insure a contract or for performance bond. However,  repeatedly the procedures regarding obtaining the insurance that is compliant with the contract and investor’s requirements, or enforcement of due compensation  are complicated and ambiguous. We successfully represent  both insurance companies and insured persons in cases against insurers.

Insurance companies

The experience of the lawyers in our Firm regarding providing legal assistance to insurance companies includes design  and opinion delivery of insurance products, general terms of insurance, insurance and reinsurance agreements, internal regulations and instruction projects.

We analyze law within insurance activity and forecasted changes in law. We prepare internal legal acts, bylaws, statutes and other documents, and adapt them to the current legal status.

We provide ongoing management authorities support  including, inter alia,  fulfilling information obligations, formal and legal preparation and coordination of the management authorities sessions.

We specialize in liquidation processes, beginning with the evaluation of the validity of submitted claims, forecasting the success of potential proceedings and estimating whether and to what extent the insured will maintain the submitted claim through introducing internal procedure connected with liquidation of the damage and delivering opinion on correspondence in the process of liquidation proceeding, developing strategy of the proceeding’s conducting, with special emphasis on the procedural strategy, representation of the insurer in court proceedings of all instances, and in the event that strong basis occur  we provide recommendations regarding the validity of the covenant, covenant negotiations,  drafting  its content and conducting the procedure aiming at its conclusion.

Disputes involving insurers

We conduct demanding, untypical cases, which require specialized knowledge, large proceeding experience and the abilities of creating complicated proceeding and disputes strategies. In our strategies we respect your business assumptions and internal procedures.

We possess extensive experience in simultaneous management of numerous liquidation, procedural and enforcement cases.  We collect and recover debts, both at the pre-court stage, during the court procedure aiming at obtaining final sentence and after its obtaining. We monitor the cases that you have entrusted us with, regularly reporting on its progress, actual status and forecasted effectiveness.

Our proceeding practice connected with conducting legal disputes involving insurers, it is, both on the insurers’ behalf and on behalf of the opposite side, includes proceedings for damages, compensations and pensions, in connection with the occurrence of property damages and personal damages, with special emphasis on damages arising from traffic accidents. Moreover, we provide legal services relating to recourse claims.

Project experience:

  • We worked inter alia for TU Compensa S.A., TU Warta S.A. and STU Ergo Hestia S.A., conducting for them hundreds of court proceedings and enforcement cases.
  • For a few years we have provided constant, ongoing legal services to a few insurance companies, including one of the biggest property insurers in the Polish market, which results in the fact that we hold excellent knowledge of the insurance industry specificity.
  • One of the Lawyers delivered opinion on the General Terms and Conditions of Contracts, for the existence of unfair terms of contract.
  • One of the Partners and the Lawyers provided services and managed repetitive and mass legal cases involving insurers, providing appropriate system infrastructure for effective  correspondence and reporting on the  works’ progress, directly to decision makers.
  • One of the Partners conducted a proceeding, in which the insurer put forward the recourse to the Client of our Law Firm. The initial value of the claim submitted by the insurer has circulated on the level of 4.5 mln zloty, at the stage of the proceeding before the court of second instance it decreased to 1.9 mln zloty.
  • The Lawyers represented a number of clients in high-value disputes, regarding insurance recourses, in disputes with other insurers regarding property claims resulting from insurance agreements.
  • The lawyers have verified the documents submitted by the contractors for the compliance with the Polish Law, Contracting Authority requirements and FIDIC Contract Conditions. The contract was connected with the realization of the task  based on design and construction of the expressway and its value amounted to over 730 mln zloty.
  • The Lawyers have participated in the project regarding the implementation of Visa and Mastercard cards payments to Merchants belonging to the payment card acceptance network developed by the business partner of the paying agent, what also included  tax consulting for the classification of the VAT amount for the settlements.

At your request we will present you with the detailed list of all projects in which we were or are still involved, including credentials.

Partner responsible: Łukasz Dubicki,