Real estate and Investments

Legal issues connected with the real estate market constitute the key areas of our practice.  A team of experienced lawyers offer our Clients the assistance at every stage of the investment’s implementation, beginning with the examination of property’s legal situation, through the administrative procedures and civil legal issues relating to constructions works and its commissioning, up to the tenancy of usable area.

We gained our experience while collaborating with the investors (developers implementing residential and commercial investments), general contractors and subcontractors. The knowledge of the real estate market functioning  practice, the understanding of the specificity of the construction process and skillful proceeding with public administration bodies make it possible for us to comprehensively evaluate our Client’s situation and develop the best solutions exactly corresponding to the needs.

Commercial investments

We specialize in the comprehensive service of the development projects of the commercial real estate market. We provide services to the investors, developers, and contractors at every stage of the investment implementation. We prepare, deliver opinion and negotiate contracts for lease of the shopping mall premises and in the dedicated facilities leased for the purpose of the largest commercial chains operating in Poland.  We represent both the leaseholders and the lessors. We proceed before courts between the participants of the investment process and between leaseholders and lessors.

Residential investments

We possess significant experience in comprehensive service of residential development projects. We specialize in providing legal services to the investors, developers and contractors at every stage  of the investment’s implementation.  We prepare,  deliver opinion and negotiate investment contracts, real estate purchase contracts, contracts with designers,  implementing agreements. We are experienced in representing developers in legal and administrative proceedings, especially in the procedures  regulating legal status of a real estates separated for public roads, transmission networks constructed by developers, and in obtaining compensations on this account.

Building regulations and procedures

We represent our Clients in administrative proceedings regarding obtaining any decisions and agreements necessary in the construction process, especially environmental decisions on the land development conditions, decisions on the location of the investment of public purpose, permissions for construction.  We advise on disputes with construction supervision authorities and architectonic and construction administration, including legal and administrative stage before Provincial Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.

Real estate law

We conduct proceedings regarding regulating of the legal status of the real estate and the restitution of the rights of previous owners heirs. We advise on the conversion of the right of perpetual usufruct into the property right and on issues regarding the update of the annual fee for the perpetual usufruct of a real estate. We possess experience in proceedings connected with establishing the legal status of a real estate disclosed in the land register with the actual legal status and also in complex land-register proceedings regarding division of a real estate and the expiry of the right of perpetual usufruct on the basis of the provisions of the law on the real estate economy.

Project experience:

  • Experience in ongoing legal service of one of the largest in Warsaw, implemented from scratch, assumed investment, involving land development, on which other residential buildings, apartments, office blocks and recreational areas and hotel buildings are to be located.
  • Advising investors on planning and land management of real estates, divisions of real estates, construction regulations, investments implementation, sales of premises.
  • Experience in continual legal service and ongoing legal advice to a group of development companies implementing a number of residential investments throughout Poland. Full legal service both at the preparatory stage of the investment, sale, commercialization and disputes proceedings with contractors.
  • Providing advice to capital group companies conducting development activity regarding regulations of legal status of transmission networks, constructed by private investors in the implementation of one of the largest development projects in Warsaw.
  • Advising on legal disputes in matters regarding regulations of the legal status of real estates dedicated for public roads.
  • Legal support of a prestigious investment involving the construction of an office block in Warsaw.
  • Representation of lease-holders and lessors in concluding agreements for lease of premises in shopping malls and in legal disputes in this respect.
  • Ongoing service of entities operating commercially throughout whole Poland in dozens of locations in shopping malls.
  • Share deal transactions regarding the purchase of shares in the companies engaged in investments involving the construction of a shopping mall. Advising at the stage of concluding preliminary contract for the shares purchase in companies conducting the above mentioned investment.
  • Comprehensive analysis regarding issues connected with submitting environmental appeals against environmental decisions, including, inter alia, the evaluation of effectiveness of submitted appeals, analysis of available proceedings funds to which contractor is entitled, the analysis of the impact of the situation on the  procedure of obtaining permissions for construction, the analysis of  contractual  occurring risk on that account and development of strategy for subsequent actions.
  • Cases regarding counterclaims of the parties in the construction proceeding. Legal disputes primarily regard subcontractors’ claims against the general contractor and the investor.
  • Representation of cultural institutions in a proceeding regarding the settlement of construction investment implemented by the company from construction sector. Complex proceeding associated with the implementation of a long-term construction investment of the area of over 27 thousands square meters.
  • Experience in negotiations regarding final form of the commonality dissolution contracts and premises separation contracts. Representation of the party  in claim proceeding against the investor amounting over 5 mln zloty.
  • Legal status examination of a real estate, preparation of projects of any contracts for the lease of commercial space and the investment real estate sale contracts, on the territory of whole country, both at the stage of preparation of the real estate for purchase and commercialization, and its commissioning.
  • Due diligence projects in real estate sector.

At your request we will present you with the detailed list of all projects in which we were or are still involved, including credentials.

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