Corporate affairs

One of the important areas of our Law Firm’s activity is provision of corporate services for entrepreneurs. Experienced lawyers provide comprehensive services including advisory at every stage of conducing commercial activity. We advise both large entities operating for many years, and people who just begin to run business, bearing in mind not only formal and legal aspects of activity, but also business needs of our Clients that need to be well understood in order to provide legal services to entrepreneurs at the highest professional level.

Our services include advisory especially in the following areas:

Choosing the form of commercial activity

We advise our Clients in the process of choosing the best form of conducting business activity, tailored to the needs and objectives pursued by our Clients. We present all possibilities to our Clients, indicating advantages and disadvantages of each structure, with special regard to organizational and economic aspects, including tax expenses distinctive for each type of commercial activity.

Establishment and registration of companies, foundations and associations

We prepare agreements and statues of companies, both partnerships and capital companies and all corporate and registration documents necessary for effective establishment of a company. We draft documents necessary to establish a foundation and associations. We represent the Clients before registry courts at the stage of establishing and introducing amendmanets to companies and other entities subject to registration in the National Court Register.

Ongoing services of the companies units

We draft documents for the meetings of Partners in partnerships , shareholders’ meetings, meetings of management board and supervisory boards, as well as minutes of the meetings. We represent our Clients as agents at the General Meetings of Shareholders and Shareholders Meetings. We prepare necessary opinions, we participate and the meetings as experts.

We conduct trainings for members of companies bodies, including relevant formal and legal aspects of conducting businnes activity in a specified organizational form, paying attention to special obligations of the bodies and corporate requirements applicable to certain agreements or actiities, both in the area of internal relations of the company and in the area of its representation before third parties.

Corporate documentation

For our Clients we documentation connected with condudted business activity, necessary from the point of view of law, but also facilitating the functioning of the company, including those connected with corporate governance. In particular, we dratf articles of association, its amendents, shareholders agreements, rules of procedure of the companies bodies, minutes, corporate approvals, we run share registries and books of protocols.

Modifications to the structures of companies

We prepare documents including amendents to companies bodies, especially necessary resolutions and consents. We represent Clients in the process of registration of specific amendments before registry courts. We draft agreements with members of the bodies, including cooperation agreements, manager’s contracts.

Merger, division and conversion

We carry out comprehensively and efficiently mergers and division of companies as well as conversions of companies and sole proprietorships. In cooperation with tax advisors we advise at the stage preceding the planned restructuring, we prepare all corporate documents necessary to make changes and conduct proceedings before the registry court. After the rustructing proces is complete we train members of the company bodies and their employees in terms of the specifics of conducting business in new structure, we prepare necessary memos for our clients’ contractors in order to improve the continuation of activity in a new form.

Liquidation of companies

We assist our Clients in the proces of liquidating companies or terminating its activity in any different way. We draft decessary documents, conduct proceeding before registry courts.

Acquisition and disposal of shares or stocks

We review and prepare shares or stocks disposal and acquisition agreements, in a manner best protecting the interests of our Clients. We advise at the stage of negotiations of agreements. We conduct a preliminary study of the company’s condition, both in legal and financial terms.

Due diligence

In cooperation with statutory auditors and tax advisors we conduct comprehensive studies of legal and financial condition of companies, including, above all, the analysis of corporate, commercial and employee documentation, the analysis of legal status of real estates and other rights held by the company, the analysis of shareholding structure of the company and court, administrative and enforcement proceedings conducted with its participation. We indicate potential risks relating to planned transaction and suggest solutions aimed at the best possible protection of our Client’s interests.

Corporate litigations

We conduct negotiations aming to resolve conflicts between partners of the companies and members of the company bodies. We conduct court proceedings aimed at annulment of resolutions of the general meetings of shareholders or general meetings, proceedings that aim to exclude a partner from the company, as well as court proceedings including seeking compensation for the damage caused to the company by members of its bodies.

Claims recovery from board members

We represent our Clients in the process of proceedings regarding liability of board members for company liabilities, finding ourselves in the procedural situation asserting the protection of creditor’s rights, as well as defending board members.

Projects experience


Permanent and current corporate services for all kind of partnerships and companies;


Comprehesive implementation of process regarding transforming several companies and one large sole proprietorship to private limited company, transforming limited joint-stock partnership to limited partnership;


Conducting the process of combining several companies;


Efficient conduct of estabilishment and registration of several limited partnerships included in the one capital group;


Due Diligence of enterprises and companies;


Preparing the investment agreement to the needs of start up;


Conducting a transaction of shareholding acquisition of a company by foreign entities;


Establishment and registration of special purpose companies